Chocolate Niblets
Chocolate Niblets
Freelance Illustrator
Freelancing through, United States

Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist.

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Digital PaintingEnvironment DesignIllustrationCharacter DesignCreature Design

Software proficiency



  • Freelance Illustrator at Asmodee and Fantasy Flight Games, Chaosium, Hero Games and Various Independent Contracts
    January 2018 - Present

    ● Created compelling narrative illustrations and characters for posters, cards, board games and publication using Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint, as well as vectors for 3D printing with Illustrator and Inkscape

    ● Organized and prioritized multiple commissions at the same time while under strict deadlines to ensure flawless delivery to the satisfaction of various clients for use on applications, web and print.

  • Freelance Concept Artist at Rite Publishing, EQGames and Various Independent Contracts
    January 2018 - Present

    ● Rendered drawings, designs and finalized illustrations for creatures, characters and environments at a quality ready for print and marketing using Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.

    ● Collaborated with various art directors to create visuals in-line with different brands and styles.

  • Manager and Lead Artist for Hero Games at Indie Press Revolution
    Gerlach, United States of America
    December 2020 - February 2022

    ● Created paintings and book covers while reviewing print-ready files to ensure high quality prints.

    ● Collaborated with the team to create, select and provide constant feedback for interior illustrations to be printed in new Hero Games books.

    ● Worked closely with the art director and team to brainstorm future projects help define the look of the product while over-viewing asset creation and implementation for printing.

    ● Assisted in the day to day in the office, from customer support and data entry to inventory and warehouse management to ensure smooth operations while maintaining professional relationships with external partners.

    ● Handled multiple vendors and external partners concurrently for distribution and production.

    ● Participated in trade show booths during conventions to promote the products and the company with a team.

  • Lead Artist at Old Rambler [Company Closed]
    Pittsburgh, United States of America
    April 2019 - October 2019

    ● Designed and painted layered key-frame illustrations for in-game cinematics, loading screens and marketing with a focus on storytelling.

    ● Created thumbnails, exploratory sketches, turn-arounds and painted illustrations for the main character, enemies and NPCs with the design team for use as model sheets and marketing.

    ● Produced elaborate scrolling parallax background paintings from beginning concept sketches, thumbnails and drawings in collaboration with the design and programming teams.

    ● Designed in-game 2D-model sprites for the main character, enemies and NPCs for rigging/animation in Spine2D.

    ● Provided art support with feedback and paintovers to ensure consistent high-quality assets and approved asset implementation into the game engine.

    ● Collaborated with the narrative designer to create art briefs and a style guide for the project.

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